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Annual Gala Dinner – BAPS Charities, Nairobi

On 22nd March 2014, BAPS Charities held its inaugural Gala Dinner at the BAPS Swaminarayan Temple, Forest Road.

The theme of this 2014 Gala Dinner was “Pillars of Society”. The Gala Dinner was focused on introducing BAPS Charities to the guests and inform them on the work the team has carried out during 2013.

The guests were also made aware of the planned activities of 2014 and how BAPS Charities team is going to act on the five core Pillars i.e. Community Empowerment, Educational Services, Environmental Protection and Preservation, Health and Wellness and Humanitarian Relief.

The event attracted 3 Platinum Sponsors and 25 Corporate Sponsors. In addition to the above a 115 individual sponsors also contributed to the event. A total of 400 guests attended the event which included performances from Hoodwink 9 Theatres and students from Shalome Academy.

The generous sponsorship funds will all go towards BAPS Charities future projects across Kenya. For the year 2014 the Projects calendar includes: a Blood Donation Drive, 2 Tree Planting Campaigns, a Medical Camp, Adoption of a School, and support of Disaster Relief Projects.

Speaking during the Gala Dinner, Samar Patel, Member of the BAPS Charities said “This is the 1st of what will be an annual event. Through this Gala Dinner we would like to share with those in attendance our activities over the last year, as well as raise funds for the seven projects planned for this year.”

BAPS Charities Nairobi would like to whole heartedly thank each and every sponsor and guest for sponsoring and participating in the 2014 Gala dinner. We look forward to the continued support from our sponsors as we strive to make a difference in Kenya, with a Spirit of Service.