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Sanitary pads Donation – November 2017, Nairobi

Two thirds of Kenyan women and girls can not afford sanitary pads; which in turn results in as many as one in ten girls missing school due to lack of sanitary ware during menstruation. 

About a decade ago, there was little discussion of the challenges girls faced with their periods. However, in recent years awareness has been created by various organizations about the ease of access to sanitary ware without embarrassment. 

To help curb this issue in their own capacity, the Women’s wing of BAPS Charities-Kenya, on 14th November 2017, donated 703 sanitary pads to Morning Star Children’s Home: a faith based ministry housing 42 children and caring for their spiritual, social, educational, economic and emotional development. 

This gesture aims to ensure uninterrupted education for girls where everyday of the month provides equal opportunities and so opening up the world for them.