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Medical Camp at Dada’s Community and Education Centre, Nairobi – October 2015

Nairobi, 18th October 2015: BAPS Charities held a medical camp for the students of Dada’s Community and Education Center.

Dada’s Community and Education center educates a total of 135 students out of which the center houses 50 of them who are orphaned due to various reasons. The center is run and managed by Nitin and Bindu Shah. The BAPS Charities team of doctors, dentists, optometrists, pharmacists and general volunteers arrived at 8:30 am and were welcomed by the management of the home.

The children were then checked by the doctors for any deviation from the general physical well-being, and where necessary relevant medications were provided free of charge. This was followed by an oral health checkup and instructions on oral hygiene tailored for the children. The children’s eyes were then tested for below average vision, which can adversely affect their education. 

The reports of the findings were given to the management, which through further planning will be resolved with the help of well-wishers. In total 120 children and parents benefited from this exercise. At the close of the event the children, house mothers and management acknowledged the efforts of the team. BAPS Charities intends to further collaborate to restore the health of the children, paving their way to a more successful future.