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Annual Walkathon – Karura Forest, Nairobi – 24th May 2015

Sunday the 24th of May 2015 saw the Karura Forest transform into a field of conservationists from the very active and efficient BAPS Charities, as they hosted their Inaugural Annual Walkathon. The aim of the Walkathon was to collect funds to plant 10,000 trees in 2015. BAPS Charities has in the past planted trees to the tune of 7,000 trees in 2014 and 3,000 trees in 2013.

BAPS Charities chose to hold the Annual Walkathon at Karura Forest as it plays a significant role the conservation of trees and forests in Kenya. With the organizing team in place by 8am on Sunday, 450 walkers of all ages from as young as 5 years to as old as 85 years started streaming in.

BAPS Charities applauds the success of the event to Corporate Kenya who came in as sponsors to the event and the 700 fund raisers who knocked on doors to collect pledges to plant trees in Kenya.

Speaking during the event, Nitin Mandaliya, member of the BAPS Charities said, “It was a joy to see a range of all ages take part in the walk at the forest and making it a huge success. Through the Walkathon BAPS Charities was able to set up a strong sub-structure for their upcoming environmental projects”.