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Donation of supplies to Mary Immaculate Rehabilitation Centre, Nairobi, Kenya – March 2022

On 22nd March 2022, the BAPS Charities Nairobi chapter visited Mary Immaculate Rehabilitation Centre to make donations to the children living there.

The Rehabilitation centre established in 1987 focuses on rehabilitation of unfortunate children from the streets and those who have been rejected by their families and/or loved ones. The centre does this by providing them shelter, food and a chance to get  basic education.

Currently, there are fifty-five (55) boys cared for at the centre. The centre only admits boys from 8 to 16 years of age, who are supposed to graduate and leave the facility after a period of one year. The centre solely depends on the donations from well-wishers to be able to sustain the well-being of the children. Through this, the boys have managed to be reformed in various ways and successfully be reintegrated back to their families and society.

BAPS Charities extended support to the home by donating several supplies:

80 kg rice, 80 kg flour, 60 kg porridge, 50 kg green grams, 50 kg sugar, 8 kg salt, 20 litres cooking oil, 50 kg maize, 50 kg beans, 60 kg powdered soap, sweets, and biscuits.

In appreciation of this kind gesture, the leaders of the centre said, “we are so grateful to have received donations from BAPS Charities. It was so kind of you to have considered the boys at the centre. Your help is great, and it came at a time when we needed it the most.”