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Auckland Flood Relief Drive 2023

On 27th January 2023, New Zealand’s North Island experienced widespread catastrophic floods caused by heavy rainfall, with Auckland being the most significantly affected. This is considered to be the worst flood in Auckland’s history that led to approximately 6000-8000 homes in need of damage assessment and thousands of people displaced from their homes and in need of external accommodation.

The very next day, volunteers of BAPS Charities NZ visited various relief camps to see what help they could provide. It was seen that items required for personal hygiene were lacking at the relief camps, and a unanimous decision was made to deliver personal hygiene and health care kits to the ones affected.

A list was made of all the items required, and just within two days, all the supplies were gathered and then around 30-35 volunteers, including kids, youth and elderly, all came together to prepare the kits overnight.

Hon Minister Michael Wood & National MP Melissa Lee played a very important role in guiding us in terms of how and where these kits should be delivered and worked together to get these kits delivered to the required relief camps and families who needed them the most.

Over 125 medical & hygiene care kits, ten boxes of brand-new garments and four boxes of masks were packed and delivered to the relief camps with the support of local ministers & MPs.

Once again, we are very thankful to Hon Minister Michael Wood, National MP Melissa Lee, Fiona Lia, ARK group and all the suppliers who helped to deliver the goods in time and lastly, the BAPS Charities volunteers who got together at such a short notice and made it possible that the kits reach the affected families as soon as possible.