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Auckland New Zealand Food Drive 2022

The current economic climate is creating pain and uncertainty for many families and communities in New Zealand. Households are cutting back on costs and some are struggling to afford basic necessities. To provide nourishing food to those struggling families and individuals, BAPS Charities raised overwhelming participation in their annual food drive in October-November 2022. 

Volunteers donated over 1 Tonne of canned and packaged food which was then distributed by BBM (Buttabean Motivation). Partnering with BBM ensured that the food collected was distributed directly to those who need it most.  

2022 Local Hero – New Zealander of the Year, Dave Letele, shared his experience “We have the same love of service, selfless service that BAPS Charities does. This food will go towards the families that need it, especially during Christmas when the need escalates. We are thankful to BAPS Charities for providing relief during these hard times for many families; this is only possible when we share the same values for service.”

BBM’s goal is to help those members of society who need assistance, primarily through empowering and supporting their mental and physical health. To meet this goal, BBM uses online programmes, community Bootcamps and social media platforms to provide a safe, judgment-free space for participants to focus on their health and wellbeing. Founder of BBM, Dave Letele is well known for his efforts to help the community. Working tirelessly to motivate hundreds of individuals to lead a healthy lifestyle and dedicates all his resources to helping those in need and challenging them to lead better lifestyles.  

This food drive has impacted over 200 local families and has given those families the opportunity to have a sense of security and festivity during the upcoming Christmas holidays despite the challenging economic climate. BAPS Charities thanks BBM and all the volunteers and donors who have donated to the food drive.