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COVID-19 Pandemic: Food Drive New Zealand 2020

During the difficult and unprecedented situation which the coronavirus outbreak has caused, BAPS Charities volunteers across New Zealand have been making various arrangements to help ease the hardships of members of the community and  have been endeavoring to provide for the emotional and spiritual health of all, as well as community members in need.

Recognizing that there has been a significant impact on the livelihoods of many, BAPS Sadhus and volunteers across the country have been preparing and distributing care packages to assist affected individuals and families. Providing either Kiwi Packs or Essentials Packs, based on the recipient’s needs, the packs contain essential grocery items such as snacks, rice, tea, coffee, personal hygiene items, lentils, biscuits, and long-life milk to name a few. The prepared care packages were delivered by BAPS volunteers to those in immediate need of assistance. So far, over 400 families in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Hamilton and Rotorua have received care packages amounting to over 3 tonnes of food provided. The impacts of this outbreak have been vast and these care packages are a small step to aiding the community by providing for local kiwis, our elderly, students without an income, those who are self-isolating and people who have lost their jobs and now cannot afford basic necessities.

BAPS Charities  has also provided 50 care packages to Auckland City Mission, which is a Registered Charitable Trust dedicated to helping people in desperate need. Auckland City Mission regularly offers assistance to individuals and families who do not have appropriate housing or food and to those who are battling addictions or mental health issues. During these trying times, Auckland City Mission has continued to keep in touch with their clients as well as provide housing services and family food parcels for collection.

BAPS Charities also provided 20 care packages to the Salvation Army in Christchurch to help those in need during this rough time. Despite the hurdles which social distancing pose, the Salvation Army has been endeavoring to provide support to those who require it. They have been doing so not only through providing food and housing arrangements but the Salvation Army has continued to provide drug, alcohol and gambling rehabilitation support as well as financial support.

BAPS Charities is grateful to the volunteers for assisting during this pandemic crisis.