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BAPS Charities New Zealand National Tree Plantation Drive 2024

BAPS Charities recently led a National Tree Plantation Drive across New Zealand with the support of Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, and Christchurch councils—the mission aimed to enhance environmental sustainability and mitigate climate change by planting over 2,000 trees. Over 120 volunteers spanning generations, from 4 to 60 years old, showcased remarkable community spirit and dedication to ecological well-being.

Notable guests who attended this community event included Honourable Minister Tama Potaka – Minister for Māori Development, Minister for Whānau Ora, Minister of Conservation, Minister for Māori Crown Relations: Te Arawhiti, and Associate Minister of Housing (Social Housing), Councillor Anna Casey – Cox –Deputy Chair for the community & Natural environment committee – Hamilton Council; these distinguished individuals took the opportunity to express their admiration for the work done by BAPS Charities and the impact of the Tree Plantation on the community and future generation.

Hon. Tama Potaka praised the community spirit exemplified by BAPS Charities, particularly during Covid and Cyclone Gabrielle. He further highlighted the organization’s dedication to helping others in need and providing a place of contemplation and connection to different communities throughout the country.

Councillor Anna Casey Cox commended BAPS Charities, inspired by organization commitment to community service and their dedication to making a difference. She noted BAPS Charities readiness to assist the community in times of need.

In all major cities, volunteers gathered in urban parks, reserves, and communal areas to plant trees, rejuvenating local green spaces and enriching biodiversity. The goal was to combat soil erosion, enhance air quality, and restore natural habitats, thereby amplifying urban greenery for future generations.

Volunteers participated in diverse activities such as planting saplings, preparing the soil, and nurturing newly planted trees with water. Induction sessions conducted by respective councils enlightened participants about the significance of trees and proper planting methods.

From a sustainability standpoint, trees stabilize soil, prevent erosion, and bolster soil health. As these trees mature, they are estimated to absorb 5000 tons of carbon dioxide per year. They also mitigate urban heat by providing shade and releasing moisture through transpiration, thereby reducing the urban heat effect. Green spaces not only enhance urban aesthetics but also provide recreational spots and improve mental well-being.

The BAPS Charities National Tree Plantation Drive has significantly bolstered New Zealand’s environmental sustainability endeavours. By planting 2,000 plus trees across Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, and Christchurch, the initiative has enriched local ecosystems and instilled a sense of communal responsibility towards the environment. The diverse age range of volunteers underscores broad support for such green initiatives, ensuring a more vibrant, verdant future for all. Sustained efforts in tree planting and environmental conservation are poised to yield enduring benefits for both the environment and society.

This mission aligns with global sustainability goals and demonstrates New Zealand’s commitment to addressing climate change at a community level. It displays as an inspiration for different communities and groups to follow, highlighting the effect of collective movement in preserving our planet for future generations.