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Tops and Tags Wheelchair Initiative – Johannesburg, South Africa

One of BAPS Charities’ core objectives is to educate and facilitate environmental awareness and green initiatives at our centres globally. In line with this objective, BAPS Charities in South Africa has initiated programmes to raise awareness for environmentally friendly practices and habits. One of these programmes has been the collection of recyclable waste material in Johannesburg and surrounding areas. During the course of 2016, members of the public have graciously donated plastic bottle tops, caps and tags used to wrap bread packets. The items collected were then delivered to a local waste management company which has been running a programme where a wheelchair is exchanged for a certain amount of “tops & tags” donated.

As a result of this initiative, BAPS Charities managed to collect a combined total of 322667 tops and tags which equated to 965kgs. This resulted in the waste management company rewarding BAPS Charities with 10 wheelchairs. BAPS Charites then donated the wheelchairs to the Tumelo Children’s Home, an organisation based in Johannesburg that provides support for approximately 80 children that are physically disabled and mentally challenged. The wheelchairs were delivered to the home on 16 October 2016 much to the gratitude and appreciation of the children and staff alike.

BAPS Charities will be looking to running further programmes and initiatives focussing on the environment in the months to come.