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Winter Warmer 2019 – Mayfair, South Africa

On July 13th, 2019, BAPS Charites carried out their annual winter warmer project. This year, Christway Religious and Social Services, was chosen as the Beneficiary. Christway Religious and Social Services is an NPO which provide the following services for the under-privileged in its community:

  • Community Shelter
  • Outreach and feeding schemes
  • Creche and Day-care facility

The organisation provides free meals to approximately 400 people (Adults and children) daily. Further to that, they take care of kids during the day after school, assisting them with their homework and stimulating them with educational games. They are completely dependent on external sponsorship to carry out their free services.

BAPS Charities South Africa, sponsored a day’s worth of meals, donated 100 blankets along with old clothes and non-perishable foods. The volunteers also spent their time serving food to approximately 300 people who came to the home for support on that day. The volunteers found this to be an eye opening and enriching experience. It made them realise how privileged their lives are compared to those who are not even sure where their next meal will come from, and who are completely dependent on the kindness and service of organisations such as Christway. We commend the selfless sacrifice of the team from Christway, as it is no small feat to spend your life relentlessly serving the community on a daily basis, with little or no reward.