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Winter Warmer 2014 – Cape Town, South Africa

Every winter, BAPS Charities in South Africa run its annual Winter Warmer drive across all major cities in the country. The aim of the drive is to donate clothes, blankets, hot meals and non-perishable food and household items to underprivileged and impoverished communities in preparation for the winter season.

On Saturday, 14 June 2014 and Saturday, 28 June 2014,  BAPS Charities volunteers from Cape Town donated blankets, gas heaters, groceries and household items to the Zanokhanyo Children’s Safety Home located in Makhasa, Khayelitsha. The home looks after impoverished children from the Khayelitsha township and caters for their daily food and social needs. Hot meals were also served to the children at the home. 

In the spirit of the FIFA World Cup, a thoughtful gift of a soccer ball that would normally go without notice, put smiles on the faces of the boys who, through soccer, find an outlet from the daily challenges that life throws at them. The day was perfectly summed up by a statement made by the house mother, who was thankful beyond expectations. She said that even though one may feel that these donations do not make a difference, they serve to fill a hole of daily needs that is beyond their reach. The sincerity expressed by the house mother and the children has resulted in BAPS Charities committing to adopt the home for future projects where we can add value to the lives of the children.