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BAPS Charities Supporting the GOHECHI Children Center – Arusha, Tanzania

BAPS Charities in Arusha organized its first charity of the year at the GOHECHI Children’s Center. The center is located 5 kilometers away from Arusha. There are currently 58 children in the center, who receive various forms of aid and assistance. The center promotes development in the community through education for orphans, street children and young widows.


BAPS Charities volunteers arrived at the center at 9:30 am, and were received by Reverend Peter Paul Ndelwa, the head care taker of the home. The Reverend delivered a short speech, in which he thanked BAPS Charities for its generous contribution for the institution. Volunteers offloaded the good to be donated and gave gift packets containing much needed food items and stationary items for the children. The children were happy to receive these items.


Items Donated:

1) 50 kg rice

2) 50 kg maize flour

3) 50 kg sugar

4) 25 kg salt

5) 60 pencils

6) 60 erasers

7) 60 exercise books

8) 60 rulers

9) 60 bottles of juice

10) 100 packets of biscuits