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BAPS Charities Supporting the Nungwi Leprosy Camp

On March 23, 2014 BAPS Charities volunteers went to the Nungwi Leprosy Camp to offer support and supplies.  The camp was established in 1964 by the then president, Mwalimu Julius Kambarage Nyerere. 50 quarters were built in order to house over 100 people suffering from leprosy. The camp was run entirely by government aid and rations. Over the years, the government’s support decreased as the camp started relying more on other NGOs. Currently, the camp houses over 400 people, and is looked after by Mr. Ambrose Augustino Benjamin (Lochi).

Upon arrival, the volunteers were greeted by Mr. Lochi, and the children of the camp. The volunteers were split into two groups, in order to simplify the donation process. One group stayed back with approximately 200 children, while the other group visited and donated at every house in the camp. The first group played games with the children after handing out individual gift packets and juice to every child.  The second group visited the houses of the patients. After inquiring and interacting with each family head, two weeks worth of food rations were donated. Problems that the family faced were discussed in order to plan future activities accordingly. In total, this process was repeated at 50 different family’s homes.  


  • 200 bottles of drinking water
  • 200 bottles of juice
  • 200 packets of wafers
  • 200 packets of chocolates
  • 200 packets of biscuits
  • 200 packets of crisps
  • 200 pieces of a variety of candy
  • 100 kg sugar
  • 100 kg rice
  • 200 packets of salt
  • 200 kg beans
  • 100 liters of cooking oil
  • 300 kg maize flour
  • 100 packets of tea leaves
  • 100 bars of bathing soap
  • 100 bars of washing soap
  • 100 tubs of petroleum jelly