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Cardiovascular Screening Session

BAPS Charities, in conjunction with the Royal Free Hospital, organised a cardiovascular screening session on 22 March 2014 at BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir, London.

Twenty-five volunteers from BAPS Charities assisted three highly qualified consultants in screening 27 patients. Nineteen people with a Body Mass Index of greater than 25 were discovered and 16 were identified as having above-average levels of cholesterol. Four visitors registered high blood pressure and five cases of diabetes risks were also identified.

Blood samples taken on the day were also sent to the Royal Free Hospital for further tests.

The findings are in line with national statistics which indicate that the prevalence of chronic conditions – such as type 2 diabetes, coronary heart disease, and stroke – is up to six times higher in the South Asian community and occurs from a younger age amongst this group of people.

The session provided valuable information and helped many become aware of the necessary lifestyle changes needed to avoid health complications. One of the participants shared: “I have taken so many aspects of my lifestyle for granted. But with the guidance of experts who could explain the facts to me clearly, I will be making the necessary changes for a healthier lifestyle.”

BAPS Charities organises such screening sessions regularly. For details of the previous event, please click here.