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Swaminarayan Vidyamandir – Randesan

City Pulse Cinema Lane Koba-Gandhinagar Highway, Randesan, Gujarat 382011

Located in Central Gujarat between Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar, the Swaminarayan Vidyamandir in Randesan is a residential school for girls providing affordable, yet high-quality education and opportunities to girls hailing from particularly underprivileged area and families….

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Swaminarayan Vidyamandir – Atladara

Padra Road, Atladara, Gujarat 390012

Located near the Gujarat’s historically important and culturally diverse city of Baroda, the Swaminarayan Vidyamandir, Atladra instructs students from kindergarten through grade 10 and provides need-based boarding for almost one-fifth of its students. Since its…

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Swaminarayan Vidyamandir – Valsad

Shanti Nagar, Valsad, Gujarat 396007

Situated in south Gujarat, the Swaminarayan Vidyamandir, Valsad is an all-male residential school that offers crucial educational opportunities to under privileged boys in the surrounding and otherwise underserved rural areas. The 35-acre complex has advanced…

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Global Partner Effort Name Location
Swaminarayan Vidyamandir – Randesan India
Swaminarayan Vidyamandir – Atladara India
Swaminarayan Vidyamandir – Valsad India
Swaminarayan Vidyamandir – Gondal India
Swaminarayan Vidyamandir – Sarangpur India