Activities: Hostels

BAPS Educational Hostel – Bodeli

Gujarat State Highway 11, Bodeli, Gujarat 391135

Opened in June 2016, BAPS Educational Hostel – Bodeli provides a home-like hostel facility for about 200 students from highly deprived and disadvantaged tribal communities with almost no means of sustenance for their families and… Read more »

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Kumar Chhatralay – Ukai

Parharda Colony, Ukai, Gujarat 394680

Established in 1985, the Kumar Chhatralay serves the tribal and underserved areas of southeastern Gujarat.  This educational hostel provides students with essential facilities and a highly supportive atmosphere to help young students excel in both their… Read more »

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BAPS Educational Hostel – Dhule

Dutta Mandir Chowk, Deopur, Dhule, Maharashtra 454005

Established in 1998, the BAPS Educational Hostel in Dhule serves students attending the various colleges and universities in Dhule, Maharasthra.  The hostel strives to cultivate an atmosphere that is conducive for academic focus and success,… Read more »

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