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Children’s Health & Safety Day 2012, Clifton, NJ

In 2012, the National Institute of Health launched the “We Can! (Ways to Enhance Children’s Activity & Nutrition)” initiative to help children stay at a healthy weight by encouraging healthy eating, increased physical activity, and reduced time in front of a television or computer screen. In support of this initiative, BAPS Charities hosted Children’s Health and Safety Day across North America and spread the message of healthy living to children and their families to help curb obesity and promote healthy eating habits from the early years of childhood. BAPS Charities’ volunteers worked in tandem with local pediatricians, nutritionists, dentists, and nurses to teach children about hygiene, healthy living, and physical activity.

Center Clifton, NJ

June 16, 2012

Time  9:00 am-2:30 pm
No. of Participants 200
No. of Healthcare professionals & specialists
  • 2 Pediatricians
  • 1 Child Psychiatrist
  • 2 Dentists, and 7 students from UMDNJ Dentistry program
  • 4 Pharmacists, 3 Rutgers pharmacy and 3 USP pharmacy school
  • 3 Optometrists & assistants from NJ Commission for Blind
  • 3 Respiratory Therapists
  • 1 Physical Therapist
  • 1 Sun Safety specialist
  • 1 EMT
  • 8 Nurses (St. Joseph’s Hospital, St. Mary’s Hospital)
  • 1 Detective- Gang Expert
  • 1 Sports Counselor
  • 1 Car Seat Safety Expert
List of Services provided
  • Educational lectures: Child development/mental health, Sun Safety
  • Workshops: Let’s Move! (active lifestyle), Fire safety and fire truck and ambulance tour by Clifton Fire Department
  • Educational booths: disability awareness, car seat safety, eye health, dental health, nutrition, poison prevention, hand hygiene, respiratory therapy, immunization, growth/BMI, pediatric teddy bear clinic

Raffle Prizes:

  • 12 Build-A-Bears donated by Build-A-Bear Workshop
  • 2 free summer gym memberships compliments of Boys & Girl’s Club of Clifton
  • 1 gift basket donated by St. Joseph’s Hospital
  • 5 gift bags donated by St. Mary’s Hospital

Freebies for All Kids:

  • Colgate-Palmolive® hand soaps, toothpastes and toothbrushes
  • Sunscreens and sun safety pamphlets by L’Oreal®
  • Cardholders by Geriscript Pharmacy
  • Kids vitamins sponsored Nutrilite™
  • Poison Prevention brochures and magnets from NJ Poison Control Center
  • First-aid kits
  • Silly bands
  • Hand hygiene pamphlets
  • Encyclopedia’s, toys and books by Boys and Girls Club of Clifton

“The health and safety day really helped me gain knowledge on different ways to treat different types of health situations. If I learned so much in one health and safety event, going to another one would assure twice as much fun and knowledge! I can’t wait till next year!” – Maithili Patel (12-year old)

“We should have this event every single year. This is really helpful, not only for a child, but parents also. Thank you BAPS Charities for hosting such a wonderful event that encouraged my child and even us parents to live an active lifestyle and join together to “Let’s Move!”” – Pooja Khandhar (parent)

“I think this is a wonderful initiative. Safety and prevention is paramount for our children and this venue very much captured that essence. I noticed that there was a whole range of health professions here and everyone was able to present a keen insight into ways we can protect our children, and actually teaching them at a young age to be safe.” – Peter Foltis (Director-Skin Care, L’Oreal)