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Health Fair 2008 in Houston, TX

BAPS Charities aims to serve individuals, families and communities in need by providing high quality, low cost health care. 

Annual health fairs are at the core of BAPS Charities’ medical services. Physicians and technicians regularly volunteer their expertise to provide medical care and advice to the increasing number of people who lack access to quality health care. 


April 5, 2008 
No. of Participants
No. of Doctors & Paramedics
List of Services provided

List of services provided included blood analysis, Body Fat Analysis, EKG, Vascular Studies, NMR – Detailed Lipid Analysis, PSA – Hormone Test, Bone Density, Mammogram and Pap Smear. 

The various screening included ear, nose, throat, eye, spine, bone and joints, prostate, dental, hearing, skin and blood pressure. 

Specialists in fields such as internal medicine, dermatology, cardiology, ophthalmology, pediatrics, gynecology, urology and many more provided individual consultations. 



“We (St. Luke’s) emphasize care not solely for achievement of physical well being but the whole person, body, mind and spirit. In this sense I feel there are many levels of connection between BAPS and St. Luke’s. We look forward in the future programming in partnership with BAPS.” – Mr. David J. Fine, president and chief executive officer at St. Luke’s Episcopal Health System

It’s a phenomenal service and it’s a phenomenal event. I have been to hundreds of health fairs and I have never seen one like this.” – Mrs. Irene Helsinger, senior vice president and chief administrative officer at St. Luke’s Episcopal Health System