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Health Fair 2017 in Houston, TX

BAPS Charities hosted over 600 participants at its 17th annual Health Fair on Saturday, September 23, 2017 in Houston, TX.  This year’s Health Fair aimed to expand on practical preventative care and affordable treatment options for community members of all ages.  Over 150 health care professionals volunteered for the event to provide personalized consultations and a variety of services and screenings.

Number of patients seen by specialty: Internal Medicine/Family Practice (201), Cardiology (97), ENT (80), Orthopedics (90), Urology (28), Ophthalmology (137), Dermatology (87), Dentistry (59), Pediatrics (30)

Number of Lab tests conducted: CBC (554), Basic Metabolic Panel (554), Lipid Panel (554), Thyroid Function (554), Liver Function (554), Hemoglobin A1C (554)

Number of Screening Tests:  Blood Pressure (201), Glucose (554), EKG (97), Eye exam (137), Glaucoma (137), Dental exam (59)

Health Lectures: Making The Most of My Plate for Better Health, Art of Preserving Structure Spells Pleasure in Living, Managing Disabling Arthritis and Joint Replacement, Living Bright by Improving Memory, Role of Physical Fitness to Live Younger, Colorectal Cancer/Cancer Q & A, Urgent Care Issues, Improving Health by Detox Diets

Opinions: One of the organizers, Dr. Jay Chavda, Md, said, “This Health Fair gives the community an opportunity to come together to serve others.” He added, “it’s (health fair) been an event that not only educates people about health but allows them to get vision, dental, physical screenings and more to prevent potential major health issues.”