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BAPS Charities donates over 670 lbs vegetarian food in Lansdale, PA

On November 23, 2023, BAPS Charities in Lansdale, PA  held its annual food collection drive, successfully gathering over 670 lbs of vegetarian food and more than 20 packs of paper supplies throughout November. This significant donation, contributed by families, children, youth, and volunteers of BAPS Charities, included pantry items, canned vegetables, pasta, and biscuits. The collected items were donated to the Emmanuel Evangelical Congregational Church in Hatfield, PA, to assist those facing homelessness amid rising inflation. The staff at EEC Church expressed their deep gratitude for the support and generosity of BAPS Charities, highlighting the impact of these donations in helping numerous people. Janet, representing the Church, extended special thanks to the BAPS Charities team for their consistent selfless service and generous contributions over the years.