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Walk 2015 in Lansdale, PA

Last year, over 16,000 walkers across North America supported BAPS Charities and a wide range of local community, health, educational and humanitarian activities. These Walkathons, organized by BAPS Charities, provided inspiration for individuals to come together and build a better community, one step at a time. 
In continuing that tradition, the BAPS Charities Walk in Lansdale, PA took place on June 27, 2015. In total, over 340 participants enthusiastically walked a combined 816 miles in support of the event which benefited Mitzvah Circle Foundation.
“Forget about the weather, any time people gather together for charitable reasons, it’s a beautiful day.  The weather is irrelevant but the things you do for this community are great.” – Tom Zipfel (President, Board of Commissioners, Hatfield Township)
“We are working towards a similar cause – helping people who need help, many of those who are in our own community.  It’s shocking to see what the size of the need is.” – Wendy Urban (Board of Directors, Mitzvah Circle Foundation)
“My wife grew up here and we wanted to give back to our local community. Its such a good cause to see everyone together in this community – its a blessing to give support and help back to those who need it.” – Eric (walker)