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Earth Day 2024 in Long Island, NY

On April 22nd, the global community came together to mark the 54th Earth Day, the most significant environmental event of its kind, with over a billion people participating worldwide. On April 27, 2024, more than 25 dedicated volunteers gathered in Long Island, NY, to commemorate this significant day by planting shrubs and trees, contributing to a greener and more vibrant environment.

The event focused on planting activities and emphasized the importance of reducing single-use and disposable plastics, minimizing our plastic footprint, and conserving water. Earth Day serves as a reminder that environmental stewardship extends beyond a single day and should be practiced all year round.

BAPS Charities organizes various environmentally conscious projects throughout the year. From recycling initiatives to water conservation measures and promoting renewable energy solutions, they are driven by a deep moral commitment to the well-being of our planet.