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Earth Day 2019 in Los Angeles, CA

On  April  22, 2019, the world celebrated the  49th annual Earth  Day. It is the single largest environmental event celebrated by over a billion people worldwide. On April 27, 2019, over 15 volunteers participated in Earth Day activities in Los Angeles, CA by planting shrubs and trees. The event organized also encouraged people to avoid single-use and disposable plastics, reduce the plastic footprint, and conserve water.
Earth Day isn’t just about a day. Being a caretaker for the environment is a year-round endeavor. From recycling efforts to water conservation efforts and renewable energy solutions, BAPS Charities organizes numerous projects throughout the year with a moral commitment to our planet. This year, the BAPS Charities Walk Green initiative will support the planting of 61,000 trees. From 2016 to 2019, BAPS Charities Walkathons will have helped plant a total of 361,000 trees.