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COVID-19 Pandemic: Over 10,000 Personal Protective Equipment Donated to Chino Valley Medical Center

On Monday, April 13, 2020, BAPS Charities donated over 10,000 pieces of personal protective equipment, including 5,000 Level 3 surgical masks, 300 face shields and 5,000 nitrile gloves, to the Chino Valley Medical Center. In addition to the PPE, BAPS Charities donated over 750 packaged snacks and beverages to the Medical Center to support medical personnel working around the clock during the current pandemic.

Accepting the donation on behalf of the hospital, Chief Nursing Officer, Cheryl Gilliatt, MSN, RN, expressed her gratitude: “On behalf of Chino Valley Medical Center we want to thank BAPS Charities. If it wasn’t for our community, we couldn’t do what we do. You are part of the saving lives, ones that we are being impacted here. So thank you very much for the donations of the personal protective equipment. It makes the staff feel safe, as they are the heroes taking care of the patients. So thank you for what you did in helping us.”

BAPS Charities has implemented these initiatives throughout the world to help healthcare workers not only protect the health of others but also their own health and safety.