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Health Awareness Lecture on Benefits of Yoga Therapy in Minneapolis,MN

The United Nations General Assembly recently declared June 21 as “International Yoga
Day” at the request of Narendra Modi, the current Prime Minister of India. Modern
medicine has just recently recognized yoga as a form of mind-body fitness and declared
it as a complimentary and alternative medicine. However, the science and health
benefits of yoga have been known and practiced in India for thousands of years.
On June 14, 2015, BAPS Charities hosted a Health Awareness Lecture in Minneapolis, MN
providing participants with insights into the mental, physical, and spiritual health
benefits of yoga therapy. Participants not only learned how yoga aids general health
and rehabilitation, but also that it can be practiced regularly as a preventative measure
for numerous health conditions. In conjunction with the lecture, numerous yoga
postures were also demonstrated with an emphasis on correct form and technique.
Dr. Love Patel presented the lecture.