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COVID-19 Pandemic: BAPS Charities Donates 1,000 pieces of Personal Protective Equipment to the Milpitas Police Department

On Friday, April 17, 2020 BAPS Charities donated 1,000 masks to the Milpitas Police Department. These masks protect the health of police officers as they interact with community members across the city. 

Having witnessed BAPS Charities’ continued efforts to address the need of increased PPE supplies across the Bay Area, Milpitas Assistant Police Chief Kevin Moscuzza notes, “Thank you very much for your donation. It is really meaningful. It is really great to see that communities are supporting the law enforcement as much as the law enforcement is supporting the communities. We are all working together to accomplish the same goal. Together as a city and as a country we will defeat this and together we will keep our communities safer. Thank you.”  

“We are all thankful to the entire Police department and everyone working on the frontline, in the city of Milpitas, in the country and throughout the world,” said Chirag Patel, a BAPS volunteer who was involved in the process of organizing the donation.  

BAPS Charities has implemented these initiatives throughout the world to help healthcare workers not only protect the health of others but also their own health and safety.