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Health Fair 2016 in San Jose, CA

Over 35 medical professionals were on hand as BAPS Charities hosted its annual Health Fair on Sunday, September 25, 2016, in San Jose, CA.  With the increasing cost of health care in this economy, health professionals educated over 200 attendees on various health topics and provided their expert advice on regular health checkups and other health related issues.

Number of patients seen by specialty: Internal Medicine/Family Practice (120), Ophthalmology (40), Dermatology (10), Dentistry (50), Physical Therapy (40) and Nutrition/Dietician (90).

Number of Lab tests conducted: CBC (70), Lipid Panel (70), Thyroid Function (70), Liver Function (70)

Number of Screening Tests: Blood Pressure (160), Eye exam 40), Dental exam (50)

Health Lectures:  Healthy eating habits, Heart disease risks awareness

Such Health Fairs are very important. Many times, people in our community have questions about how to maintain a healthy, vegetarian diet. Health Fairs such as these are one way to educate this community on the importance of nutrition on their health and provide options that they can relate to and personally implement at home.
 – Jigna Patel, Dietician

It was an excellent opportunity to learn more about maintaining my health and well-being, as a mom, I sometimes do not have time to look after myself, so coming here and taking advantage of the different lectures about preventative care definitely helped open my eyes on how I can take better care of myself and my family.
–  Hema Patel, Attendee