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In The Joy of Others: Walk-Run 2024 in Westborough, MA

On June 8, 2024, BAPS Charities held its annual “In the Joy of Others: Walk-Run” in Westborough, MA, to support the Westborough Food Pantry. The event united local community members in a collective effort to provide food for over 150 families in need, serving more than 450 individuals each week. This walk was a testament to the spirit of selfless service and community solidarity.

Nearly 350 community members, including Priscila Sousa, State Representative of Framingham, MA, joined the walk this year. The event showcased a broad spectrum of participation, from youth to seniors, united for a common cause.

Paul Luippold of Westborough Food Pantry reflected on the event’s significance: “Over 500 people get food each week, and it’s really possible because of people like you in the community.”

The event not only provided an opportunity for participants to engage in living a healthier lifestyle but also served as a reminder of the profound impact collective efforts can have in addressing local needs and challenges.