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Flood relief donations in the Masai Mara area, Kenya – May 2024

During Kenya’s long rainy season of 2024, the nation faced unprecedented heavy rainfall, leading to flash floods in various regions, including the renowned Masai Mara area in Narok county. The torrential downpour caused rivers to overflow, inundating communities, and blocking vital supply routes. Bridges, roads, and homes were swept away in the torrents.

On 5th May 2024, responding to the crisis, the BAPS Charities Narok chapter swiftly mobilized to support the affected areas in Masai Mara. Providing essential provisions, they delivered 2.64 tonnes of maize flour, 192 litres of cooking oil, and various clothing items to communities in Sekanani and Talek. Recognizing the logistical challenges posed by inaccessible roads, local county officials coordinated helicopter airlifts to ensure that supplies reached those in need.