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Flood relief donations Kisumu, Kenya – May 2024

During Kenya’s long rainy season of 2024, the nation faced unprecedented heavy rainfall, leading to flash floods in various regions including Kisumu city situated on the banks of Lake Victoria. The torrential downpour caused rivers and lakes to overflow, flooding communities’ livelihoods and several residential areas.

Over the week of 6th May 2024, responding to the crisis, the BAPS Charities Kisumu chapter swiftly mobilized resources to support the effected communities in and around the city. 2,420 Essential food and supplies kits that would last 6 days for an average family of 4 were collectively packed by volunteers, and distributed to the effected areas.

Each food and supplies pack contained:

Sugar 1kg
Salt 500 gm,
Cooking oil 1lts
Rice 1kg
Green grams 1kg
Bar soap 300gm
Match box 1pc
Candle 1pc
Maize flour 2kg

In addition 360 blankets were donated to various individuals in need.

Working with local community leaders, we identified various areas where the flooding’s impact was severe and urgent assistance was necessary. Providing supplies significantly alleviated the plight of the following communities whose residents were deeply appreciative of the relief efforts: Lela, Masogo, Katho, Kombura, Korowe, Bonde kakoko, Ongeche, Kotiieno, Lower bwanda, Kochieng, Mbega, Okana, Rabuor, and Maungu korara.