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Tree Planting – April 2022, Kereita Forest, Nairobi

On 24th April 2022, BAPS Charities in conjunction with KENVO plants 2,000 trees at Kereita Forest.

Kereita forest forms the southern tip of the Aberdares ranges. These ranges are an important water catchment area for Nairobi’s water supply.

Over 30 BAPS Charities volunteers joined KENVO (Kijabe Environment Volunteers) in planting 2,000 seedlings at the Forest. As part of our Environmental efforts, BAPS Charities works to bring awareness of important environmental issues faced in the community. We achieve this by participating and supporting initiatives such as tree-plantings, water conservation campaigns, and promotion of renewable energy sources.

The volunteers planted the following 8 different species of indigenous trees during the planting effort: Podocarpus, Croton, Polyscias, Olea africana, Wild magnolia, Prunus, Red Cedar and Water berry.

Seedlings were planted within parcels allocated to farmers who facilitate proper care and upkeep of the trees as they grow within the forest. This collaboration ensures high survival rates of the trees which typically get trampled on by animals grazing in open areas.

This was the 6th tree planting project carried out by BAPS Charities since 2013. In total BAPS Charities Nairobi has now planted over 18,000 trees. Through such tree planting projects BAPS Charities is committed to improving our forest coverage which sustain water catchment areas in Kenya.