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BAPS Charities South Africa delivers food and medical supplies to residents in Johannesburg

With the extension of the national lockdown imposed by the South African government and increased economic strain on the people of South Africa, BAPS Charities has continued its outreach work across Johannesburg.

On Tuesday, 7 April 2020, approximately 50 homeless individuals living in shelters in Florida, north of Johannesburg, received mattresses, blankets, tin food and hygiene packs comprising of toothpaste; toilet tissue; toothbrushes; soap and face cloth. In North Riding, similar food and hygiene packs as well as water bottles were donated to shelters for the homeless and vulnerable in society.

BAPS Charities also partnered with local government in various wards by providing personal protection equipment (PPE) in the form of 300 masks and gloves and sanitizer kits to police men and women and community workers working on the front-line.

BAPS Charities South Africa will strive to reach more individuals and families in the days and weeks to come, as part of government’s call to support the most vulnerable during this crisis. We remain thankful to the community and well wishers for their continued support of our efforts.

For information on how the public can support BAPS Charities South Africa in its efforts to deliver to society during this crisis, please email [email protected] .