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BAPS Charities Food Drive – Buguruni School

On May 16th, volunteers of BAPS Charities in Tanzania conducted a food drive for the Buguruni School for the Deaf & Dumb.  The school is a home and school for young disabled children.  The home was founded in 1974 by the Government of Tanzania. At present, the school is sustained by the Government, the Society for the Deaf and other well-wishers.  Mrs. Kulwa is the head teacher of the school, where 200 students study.  Of the 200, 130 live at the school permanently. The age group for the students ranges from 3 to 15. In total, the institute has 41 teachers, whose students come from all over Tanzania. This is because schools like this are rare in Tanzania. The schooling is free for all the students, because the students come from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Mr. Raymond Mushi, the Ilala District Commissioner and Mrs. Asha Mapunda, the Municipal Education Officer were present for the event where BAPS Charities provided the following supplies for the school:

  • 200 gift packets for the students 
  • 10 kg sugar
  • 25 kg rice
  • 2 kg salt
  • 25 kg beans
  • 20 liters of cooking oil
  • 50 kg of maize flour
  • 50 kg wheat flour