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BAPS Charities Food Drive for Yatima Group Chamazi Orphanage,

On February 22, 2015, the volunteers of BAPS Charities organized a food drive and a medical camp at the Yatima Group Chamazi Orphanage, which is a home for young, orphaned children.  The home was founded on the 7th of March, 2001 by the then president of Tanzania, Ali Hassan Mwinyi. At present, the home is sustained by various charity groups. Winfrida Lubanza is the chief caretaker of the home. There are a total of 140 orphans in the orphanage, whose age groups range from a few months old to 18 years. In total, the orphanage has 6 caretakers, who manage 4 dormitories, housing 66 girls, and 74 boys.  

After unloading the supplies for the orphanage, BAPS Charities volunteers handed out gift packs containing snacks, chocolates, candies and personal hygiene products to each of the children and spent the afternoon playing with the children. Items provided include:

  • 50 kg Sugar
  • 50 kg Rice
  • 10 kg Salt
  • 30 kg Beans
  • 20 litres Cooking Oil
  • 50 kg Maize Flour