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Health Fair 2014 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

With a focus on preventative care, BAPS Charities organized its annual Health Fair throughout North America as part of its global health and wellness initiatives.

On November, 16, 201450 physicians and health care professionals volunteered at the BAPS Charities Health Fair in Toronto, ON, Canada.  Over, 450 attendees from the local community were able to take advantage of and benefit from various medical care and awareness offerings:

 Number of patients seen by specialty :Internal Medicine/Family practice (300); Pediatrics (60); Cardiology (50); Orthopedics (320); Ophthalmology/Optometry (160); Dermatology (20); Podiatry (210); Dentistry (170); Physical Therapy (Physiotherapy) (210); Nutrition/Dietitian (100); Homeopathy (200); Yoga & Pranayam (160); Chiropractic education (160); Allergy & Asthma (25); Alzhemer’s Health(110); Cancer Reconstructive Surgery(60); Prostate cancer (100), Geriatrics(75).

 Number of Screening and Diagnostic Tests: Blood pressure (325); Obesity (200); Diabetic/glucose screening (325); Dental exam(170); Eye exam (160); Bone density screening/DEXA (300), Audiometry- Hearing Screening (130)


It’s truly is an amazing event that one can experience. It is a good venue for people to understand how important it is to maintain good health and prevent diseases. Not only am I going to support BAPS Charities but I am going to encourage other doctors to come. We (doctors) all want to try and help the people and may not know how, this a great opportunity to do so.

 –          Dr. Christine Tang, Surgeon, Cancer Reconstructive Surgery, William Osler Health System, Etobicoke General Hospital.

 People are busy, live busy lives and like myself, I may not get out to see the doctor as often as I should.  This event makes it possible to have community members, support the community and to keep our community healthy, our children healthy and families healthy. I am so honored to be part of this event, every single year.

 –          Councillor Vincent Crisanti, Etobicoke North.

 The health fair was well organized and went very smoothly. It was a real team effort from BAPS’s volunteers and many community members benefited from it. I did see all the sessions, for example Heart and Stroke foundation and Alzheimer’s Society were very well attended.  We hope to continue being a part of this for a long time! Thank you for the opportunity. 

–          Dr. Kushal Dighe, Cardiology MD, PHD, FRCPC, St. Michael’s Hospital.