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Auckland New Zealand Covid-19 Pandemic Blood Drive 2020

On 8th April 2020 Baps Charities New Zealand organised a Blood Drive to support the NZ Blood Organisation.

Over the ages, whenever humanity has faced calamity, the indomitable human spirit has always won. Amazing how we all unite to overcome a common adversary.In 2020, as the world suffers an unprecedented crisis – caused by the rapid spread of a novel COVID-19 virus – once again, kindness and compassion are our highest saving grace.

Planned and executed entirely by devotees of BAPS Charities Auckland the Blood Drive was conducted without a hitch, despite New Zealand being in complete Lockdown and the travel restrictions.Working well within COVID-19 guidelines, BAPS volunteers arrived at NZ Blood Donation Centre in Epsom, Auckland to donate blood and plasma. In these times of COVID-19 isolation, as we adjust to the new normal, if you’re asking: What are the ways I can help? Let your generosity flow through. If you are fit and healthy,  #GIVEBLOOD Be Kind to one another. Look after yourself. Stay safe. Stay calm. Stay connected. Donate blood.

BAPS Charities in New Zealand carries on the ethos of the Spirit of Service through programs and projects in the local community.  Bringing together volunteers to serve has provided the community a tangible benefit while affording individuals young and old an opportunity to serve.

The team at Baps Charities New Zealand is grateful for its volunteers’ efforts for helping the country during this Pandemic.